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Canine in Chief

Murphy Ruedlinger, Canine in Chief

Born near Burbank, California on September 24, 2017 to parents of English descent, Murphy was adopted into a proper human household by his benefactor and best friend Shannon on December 30, 2017. Apprenticing throughout 2018 at The Hacienda at the River, Murphy proved himself to be well mannered from the onset and he bonded easily with horses and humans alike, earning countless friendships and returning love wherever his paws carried him. Breaking from his Spaniel family tradition, he decided to forgo a life of bird hunting for lap warming. One of Murphy’s favorite roles during his apprenticeship was bringing good cheer to humans experiencing difficult times. It came quite naturally to him. No matter what challenges his subjects were facing, they relaxed and lit up whenever Murphy came to visit. He seemed to look forward to his daily rounds as much as his humans did, returning spent from unconditionally loving everyone who gave him the time of day. Forgiving his tendency to forage in garbage cans and take long naps during work hours, Murphy was promoted to Canine in Chief upon transferring to The Hacienda at the Canyon. Though Murphy may be the youngest member of The Hacienda at the Canyon family, he is wise beyond his years. From the moment he arrives for a day’s work, Murphy makes a point to greet all of his colleagues personally, putting everyone in a good frame of mind to begin their day on a positive note. He is a great reminder to everyone that what matters most is this moment and it is literally impossible not to feel good in his presence.

Side notes from Shannon: I have had English Spaniels by my side for most of my life. I lost my 14-year old English Spaniel, Duncan, just before moving to Tucson to commence my role as Executive Director for The Hacienda at the Canyon. Finally ready to welcome a new family member into my life, I contacted the breeder from whom I had purchased my last two, only to learn that she had passed away. Her daughter recommended a breeder in California but it turned out that she had a six-year waiting list. However, when she learned that we were both born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, the stars aligned in short order. I flew to Burbank in October, 2017 to choose Murphy from his litter of seven males and one female. Murphy and I both won the lottery that day. Murphy has a brother in Scottsdale and a half-brother here in Tucson. They enjoy play dates often.